Privacy Policy considers your online privacy seriously.

Personally Identified Data

At, users are recommended not to enter their full name, physical address, phone number, or any other sensitive information either in comments or any other part of the site. In case Core Wallpapers finds any such post or comment with personally identifiable information of the user or a third person, the site makes an attempt to the examine the same. Any offending material is removed.

Server Logs records any information related to web or database software usage and access. This may be the user’s internet protocol (IP) address which at any time can be decoded into a geographical location or an affiliation. The recorded information is used by the site solely for debugging purposes.


When you browse through, the servers of the site may request your web browser to create a few text files on your local file system as “cookies”. The site may use these files to personalize its users’ browsing experience. The files can be deleted at any time by you. You may also configure your browser not to create these files at all. However, this may affect the functionality of the site.

Third-Party Advertisers

Core Wallpapers covers the cost of making different wallpapers available as a free resource on the site by developing relationships with numerous third-party networks. The privacy policy of the site does not directly cover the practices of the partners of Core Wallpapers. The site suggests going through their policies. Although, we cannot ensure if these are up to date or not.

Google Adsense

We present you the following information about Google and the DoubleClick DART cookie:
Google acts as a third party vendor and makes use of cookies to serve ads on the site you own. DART cookie helps Google to serve the ads to your users depending on the number of times they visited your site or other sites.

Tribal Fusion

Core Wallpapers ensures that your personally identifiable information is not gathered by the Tribal Fusion cookies.

Data Sharing/Selling makes sure not to share or sell any personally identifiable data to any third party, be it a direct marketer or spammer.

Data Retention

The data submitted to and generated by this web site may be copied to additional machines for redundancy and backup purposes.
All the data made available or generated by the site may be copied for backup purposes.
Should you feel any query or problem, please feel free to contact us.