1. Acceptance of the Terms

At CoreWallpapers (corewallpapers.com), certain terms and conditions are there that you must accept before proceeding with accessing and exploring the website. The Terms of use must be read very carefully, since when you use the site, you are supposed to have abided by these Terms.

2. About the Site

Corewallpapers.com will create and upload pictures in varied categories along with FaceBook cover pictures and statuses.

3. Access
You can use Corewallpapers.com after you connect your device connected to the internet or World Wide Web (WWW). Any fees related to the connection or access to the website will be incurred by you, including Internet Service Provider (ISP) charges.

4. Privacy

At Corewallpapers, your privacy is held highly important. Any information collected from you while you use and navigate the site will be managed by the Corewallpapers.com privacy policy provisions.

5. Intellectual Property and Rights to Access

  • Ownership – CoreWallpapers is the sole owner of the site. The Content and Code of the site are owned by Corewallpapers.com and are protected by the domestic or international copyright and other proprietary laws. The content is offered to the site visitors for limited use as per these Terms. By the term Content, it means any and every human readable and/or visual components of the site, be it any text, images, graphics, illustrations, designs, logos, or other information CoreWallpapers makes available to you. Code refers to the underlying components of the site, be it script, object code, computer programs, limitation source code or any other instructions underlying the site. You shall, in no case, copy, publish, modify download, distribute, sell, license, or transfer the works in any form, including frame, public display or links, to exploit the content or code in part or whole without getting permission in written beforehand from CoreWallpapers.com.

  • Permitted Use – At Corewallpapers.com, you get a limited, non-transferable right to access as well as use the site for any of your personal, recreational, non-commercial or informational purposes. May you need to increase the speed at which you view this site, cache the site pages. You may privately view the site content on one computer. The Corewallpapers.com license is for personal use only. The site may not be used by any individual or business entity for any purpose.

  • Copyright Complaint – Contact our copyright agent at the address mentioned on the site, in case you find any content on the site violating your copyrights.

    When you e-mail Corewallpapers.com, please make sure to add the following:

    (i) A description of the content you claim of being violated.
    (ii) Location of the violated content on the site (with the URL).
    (iii) Your signature – either digital or hard copy.
    (iv) Your email address, telephone number and residential address.
    (v) A notarized statement that says
    a.) Either you own the copyright or are certified to act on his behalf.
    b.) You believe that the copyrights are being violated and the use of the claimed content is not authorized.

  • Trademark Notices – CoreWallpapers is a registered trademark of Corewallpapers.com. Any other trademarks, trade names, service marks, or logos contained in the Site are their respective owner properties.

  • 6. User Conduct

    By accessing and using Corewallpapers.com, you agree not to:

    • (i) Copy, distribute, or reproduce any existing or later created visual or other works provided by the site by any means, without prior permission of the copyright owner;
    • (ii) Use or make an attempt to use any other account on the site;
    • (iii) Interfere with the site’s security or any code;
    • (iv) Mislead anyone about your identity;
    • (v) Frame the site or affect the display of the site in any way;
    • (vi) Use or access the site for collecting any information made available on the site; and
    • (vii) Use any Meta tags or any other text in the name of Corewallpapers.com or using the trademark or service name of the site.

    7. Changes to Site

    Corewallpapers.com may, at any time, do some modification, suspension or discontinuation of any part or service of the site, with or without any prior notice.

    8. Changes to Terms

    CoreWallpapers.com holds the right to make any modifications to its Terms at any time. Any modifications shall be brought into effect before these are posted by CoreWallpapers on the site or notified to you through e-mail. By accepting the Terms, you agree to conduct a periodical review of these so that you are aware of any changes. If you continue to use the site, it shall be considered as your acceptance of the modified Terms.

    9. Failure to Comply with Terms – You accept that Corewallpapers.com may deny your use of or access to the site, without any prior notice, in case you engage in a conduct that CoreWallpapers considers, in its sole discretion:

    • (i) Infringes any Terms or provision of Terms,
    • (ii) Breaches the rights of Corewallpapers.com or a third party, or
    • (iii) Is inapt for continued use of the site.